Outreach Programs

hcm_at_willowdale_elementary_2_2013-05-09Bring our museums to your school, library or other educational setting. Our Traveling Trunks and Resource Kits, and In-Class and Group Assembly presentations draw on the rich collections of both the Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle. We offer hands-on/minds-on experiences that strengthen students’ understanding and appreciation of American history!

Traveling Trunks

Our Traveling Trunks are a great way to facilitate hands-on learning and add an exciting feature to your curriculum. Traveling Trunks include original and reproduction artifacts, lesson plans, activities and resource materials.

The Lenape People of Pennsylvania and New Jersey  (grades 1-9)
Learn about the indigenouse people who once lived in Pennsylvania and New Jersey by exploring their history and culture.

Colonial Life Resource Kits (grades 1-6)
Kit helps reinforce any curriculum focusing on early American and local history. Explore this time period through activities, period clothing, games and more.

In Class Programs

Enliven your classroom and enhance learning with special interpreter-led presentations utilizing artifacts and hands-on activities!

From Sheep to Shawl (preschool-grade 1, 1-hr program)
Students experience what it was like to raise sheep on a farm! Children explore sheep shearing, wool processing and more through storytelling and craft activities.

The Underground Railroad in Bucks County (grades 3-9, 1-hr program)
Explore the freedom struggle of African Americans in this region before the Civil War in this hands-on program that features activities and storytelling.

A Civil War Soldier’s Life (grades 5-9, 1-hr program)
Examine the hardships, daily routines and pastimes of a soldier during the Civil War through period images, touchable objects and interactive learning.

Harvest of Art (grades 3-6, 1-hr program)
Delve into the artistic interests of Henry Chapman Mercer! Students explore the development of Mercer’s interests in early American handicrafts, tools and culture, and tile-making. Through hands-on experiences and activities they discover how art can tell stories about the past.

Harvest of Art (grades 3-6, multi-class program, max. 180 students)
Program for larger groups or entire grade levels examines Henry Mercer’s artistic interests and his interest in the history of the harvest in early America. Program stations include art lessons, hands-on activities, and an exploration of American history. Each station introduces students to a new art form from Fonthill Castle’s collections, and focus on stories drawn from history and folklore.

Group Assembly Programs

Meet Henry Mercer (grades 3-7, 45-minute program)
Henry Chapman Mercer himself visits your school or other educational setting! In-depth, first-person, theatrical presentation explores Mercer’s collections, the construction of his museum, and the inspiration behind his tile work. Mr. Mercer engages students with artifacts, images, dialog and hands-on activities.

Outreach Program Fees:

Payment for an In-Class or Group Assembly program is due the day of the program. Payment is to be given to the Museum Interpreter presenting the program. Payment for Traveling Trunks is due upon pick-up of the trunk at the museum. The $50 refundable deposit for the trunks will be mailed when the trunk is returned and checked-in and found to be in good order.

  • Traveling Trunks and Kits: $75, plus $50 refundable deposit, for a three-week rental.
    Traveling Trunks are to be picked up and returned to the Mercer Museum.
  • In-Class Programs: Single Class program, $100 for group of 35 students, $25 for each additional one-hour program. Multi-Class programs are $8 per youth. There is an additional mileage surcharge.
  • Group Assembly Programs: $175, plus mileage surcharge for 45 minute program.


“Lucy” the horse was part of the work crew that built both Fonthill and the Mercer Museum. She hoisted the loads of mixed concrete up to workers.
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