Fonthill Woodlands Project

Fonthill Castle, and the land on which it sits, is a wonderful community treasure.  This national historic landmark is a premier destination where people can explore art, history, and nature.

As a community, we have been entrusted to care for this extraordinary gift Henry Mercer left for all to enjoy, explore, and nurture.

To honor Mercer’s naturalist vision for the health and integrity of the Fonthill Woodlands, we embark on this multi-year project that will support and enhance the property’s historical, ecological, recreational, and cultural benefits.

All funds raised for this project are dedicated to support key tasks that improve Fonthill’s grounds to better serve the community.  Elements of the project include:

  • Removing invasive vegetation and overgrowth to expose the varied walking paths that attract many who seek to reconnect with nature and the outdoors.
  • Cleaning of the springhouse and clearing of the debris to better showcase its unique Mercer-designed tiles and artistic elements.
  • Clearing and removing debris from water ways to ensure the pond is aesthetically appealing and maintained.
  • Removing the graffiti and spray paint covering the interior and exterior of the Little House in the Woods, and cleaning of the façade to expose the architectural features of the structure.
  • Weeding the gardens to complement the beauty of the castle and the grounds.

Together let’s continue what Henry Mercer started… a commitment to our shared history, our special places, and our community experiences.


All the concrete used to construct Fonthill (1908-1910) was mixed by hand!
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