Mission & Vision of the Bucks County Historical Society

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Bucks County Historical Society to educate and engage its many audiences in
appreciating the past and to help people find stories and meanings relevant to their lives—both today
and in the future.


History is relevant to everyone. Pin points on a map only rise to the meaning of “PLACE” when people in
strong, resilient communities share memories and stories that connect them to one another.
Over the next three years, BCHS will become a “Connector” organization, and move towards
multidisciplinary education and commitment to serving the community to ensure the Mercer Museum
and Fonthill Castle become as deeply rooted in the hearts of people as the iconic buildings are
prominently established on the landscape.

Land Acknowledgement Statement:

The Bucks County Historical Society acknowledges that the land that our multiple sites occupy is part of Lënapehòkink, the ancestral and spiritual land of the indigenous Lenape people. The Lenape, known also as Delaware Indians, are one of the oldest Northeastern tribes with a history dating back over 16,000 years. Lënapehòkink, meaning “Land of the Lenape,” encompasses eastern Pennsylvania, all of New Jersey, northern Delaware, and southeastern New York.

Today, the Lenape people are comprised of the following sovereign Tribal Nations: Delaware Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma, the Delaware Nation of Oklahoma, the Stockbridge Munsee-band of Mohican Indians of Wisconsin, the Munsee-Delaware of Ontario and the Eelünaapéewi Lahkéewiit at Moraviantown (Ontario, Canada).

The history of the Lenape is Pennsylvania history. It is our duty as an educational organization to acknowledge the history of our land. Land acknowledgements raise awareness of Indigenous people, their cultures, and their contributions to society today. Indigenous peoples and tribes are active participants in our communities and deserve to be recognized as such.

For more information on these Indigenous communities and ways to support their work [links]:
Delaware Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma
Delaware Nation of Oklahoma
Delaware Nation at Moraviantown
Stockbridge-Munsee of Wisconsin


The Research Library of the Mercer Museum houses over 20,000 books, 2500 feet of county archives, over 12,000 images and more!
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