President & Executive Director

Kyle McKoy
215-348-9461, ext. 214


Beth Ann Rinkus
Vice President of Operations
215-345-0210, ext. 122

Mark H. Lempp
Head Facilities Custodian
215-345-0210, ext. 128

Community Services & Marketing 

Marjan Shirzad
Vice President of
Community Services & Marketing
215-345-0210, ext. 114

Libby Clark
Manager of Community Services
215-348-9461, ext. 213

Dan Miller
Program Manager, Reservations & Group Tours
215-348-9461, ext. 210

Nicole Joie
PR & Marketing Coordinator
215-345-0210, ext. 131

Olivia Brown
Community Programs Coordinator
215-345-0210, ext. 171

Lisa Payne-Chirico
Community Programs Assistant
215-345-0210, ext. 125

Andrew Jastrow
Community Services Associate
215-345-0210, ext. 110

Dan Miller
Program Manager, Reservations & Group Tours
Phone: 215-348-9461, ext. 210


Cory M. Amsler
Vice President, Collections & Interpretation
215-345-0210,  ext. 127

Maya Hartmann
Curator of Exhibits
215-345-0210, ext. 118

Kristin Lapos
Collections Manager
215-345-0210, ext. 119

Annie Halliday
Assistant Collections Manager, Library and Archives
215-345-0210, ext. 126

Melissa Jay
Collections Assistant, Research & Library Services
215-345-0210, ext. 117

Library Reference Desk
215-345-0210, ext. 141


Laura Biersmith
Vice President of Development
215-345-0210, ext. 129

Eileen Shapiro
Development Coordinator
215-345-0210, ext. 132

Therese Conturso
Development Assistant
& Executive Assistant
215-345-0210, ext. 133


“Lucy” the horse was part of the work crew that built both Fonthill and the Mercer Museum. She hoisted the loads of mixed concrete up to workers.
Rollo's Fact 5

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