2023 Bucks Mont Regional NHD Contest

Every year National History Day® frames student research within a historical theme. The theme is chosen for its broad application to global, national, or state history, and its relevance to both recent and ancient history.

The 2023 theme is Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas.


Special Awards Winners:

Pennsylvania State History Award: 

“Breaker Boys: The Frontier of Child Labor” by Keira L, Sophie R., and Margaret D.

Kevin McKoy Award for African American History:

“Martin Luther King Jr.: A Man of Peaceful Protests, Powerful Speeches, and Impacting Acts” by Leandra A. and Becca L.


Junior Individual Paper:

3rd Place: “Expedition for the Ages: How Ernest Shackleton Beat the Odds and Survived a New Frontier: by Jack M.

2nd Place: “Treaty of Versailles” by Noah S.

1st Place: Declaring Independence Analyzing Documentations That Inspired Revolution and the Declaration of Independence” By Jakob L.


Senior Individual Paper:

3rd Place: “The Girth of a Post Roe America” by Isabelle G.

2nd Place: “Exceeding Frontiers: Fritz Haber’s Advancements in Agriculture and Chemical Warfare” by Audrey Huggins

1st Place: “Exploring Space, Exploring the Earth: The Apollo Program’s Terrestrial Legacy” by Xiai P. 


Junior Individual Websites:

3rd Place: “The Red Tail Angels: Soaring into the World of Combat Aviation” by Alexander H.

2nd Place: “Apollo 11: Space Exploration” by Emma S.

1st Place: “Penicillin: A Medical Frontier” by Hansika O.


Junior Group Websites:

3rd Place: “The New Era of Space Exploration” by Liam L.  and Tyler R.

2nd Place: “I wonder What’s Going on Over there… The Invention of the Radio Revolutionizes the Spread of Knowledge” by Dharunish Y., Lucas V., Ramsy P., and Rithwik S.

1st Place: “East Asian Resilience in United States Law” by Alexis C. and Elsie H.


Senior Individual Websites:

3rd Place: “Crossing Musical Frontiers: The Beatles” by Alessia B.

2nd Place: “Nelson Mandela: A Racial Groundbreaker’s Journey from Prison to President” by Gloria W.

1st Place: “Tyrus Wong: Painting a New Frontier” by Kendra P.


Senior Group Websites:

1st Place: “Alexander III of Macedon: How a Philosopher King Advanced Physical and Mental Frontiers through Hellenism, Revolutionizing Territorial Boundaries, and Philosophical Ideas Throughout the Ancient World” by Devin Y., Jacob C., and Romero C.


Junior Individual Documentaries:

3rd Place: “Dream Team: Crossing an Olympic Frontier” by Jennings B.

2nd Place: “Taking a Jab into the Frontier of Medicine: Edward Jenner and the Creation of the First Vaccine” by Gwen A.

1st Place: “The New Frontier of Machine Against Humanity: Deep Blue vs Garry Kaparov” by Kayden T.


Junior Group Documentaries: 

3rd Place: “The Breaker Boys: The Frontier of Child Labor” by Keira L., Margaret D., and Sophie R.

2nd Place: “Science Makes Peace and Creates Destruction: Using Atomic Weaponry to End WWII” by Samuel R. and Vincent M.

1st Place: “How Oscar Hammerstein Changed Musical and Cultural Frontiers” by Joseph L., Julianna H., Lily C., and Noah D.


Senior Individual Documentaries:

3rd Place: “The Rolling Stones: A New Frontier in Rock and Roll” by Catherine G.

2nd Place: “The Man Behind the Ketchup Bottle: A Pioneer that Shaped America” by Sydney H.

1st Place: “The Change of Thalidomide: A New Medical Frontier” by Madison S.


Senior Group Documentaries: 

3rd Place: “Le Prince of Cinematography” by Eden R. and Mairead M.

2nd Place: “Breaking the Frontier of Color: Jackie Robinson” by Grace K., Kayleigh O., and McKenzie P.

1st Place: “Irish Immigration” by Angelina G. Bridget W., and Eveleen M.


Junior Individual Performances: 

2nd Place: “Frankenstein- and the Voice behind it who changed the nation” by Evianne C.

1st Place: “A New Frontier in Mathematics, science, and modern Medicine, Georg Cantor makes changes to modern age technology with the application and research of “Infinity Theory” in 1873” by Melissa P.


Junior Group Performances: 

3rd Place: “The Flapper Movement: Dancing their way through the Frontier of Women’s Rights” by Ava S. and Blake B.

2nd Place: “How the Space Race Boosted Humanity into the Modern World” by Jeremy E. and Liam C.

1st Place: “The Graham Windham Orphanage: Building Better Lives for Children” by Julia F. and Katelyn M.


Senior Group Performances: 

1st Place: “Wilhelm Wundt: Father of Psychology” by Olivia E. and Tiffany T.


Junior Individual Exhibits: 

3rd Place: “The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising” by Grace C.

2nd Place: “Little Rock Nine School Crisis” by Heidi S.

1st Place: “Dr. Daniel Hale Williams: Breaking Frontiers while Opening Doors for African Americans” by Condoleezza O.


Junior Group Exhibits:

3rd Place: “Frontiers in History: People Places and Pictures: Photojournalism, Documenting History One Shot at a Time” by Alora M. and Marjorie Y.

2nd Place: “Hedy Lamarr: Mother of Wifi” by Estelle F. and Grace B.

1st Place: “A Gruesome Separation” by Aimal A. and Sarah K.


Senior Individual Exhibits:

3rd Place: “One Cartoon, Two Cartoons, Political Cartoons, Children’s Cartoons: Dr. Seuss, The Pioneer of Children’s Literature” by Emily S.

2nd Place: “Crossing Frontiers in Medicine: John Snow” by Abigail K.

1st Place: “Elvis Musical Pioneer and Cultural Icon” by Bianca A.


Senior Group Exhibits: 

3rd Place: “Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990: A Frontier for Equal Rights” by Bridget V. and Isabelle D.

2nd Place: “The Music Frontier: Woodstock 1969” by Grace P., Lauren O., and Madison H.

1st Place: “The Trials that Changed America: Brown vs. Board” by Kelsey L. and Riley D.


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