Prepare for your group’s visit to the Mercer Museum or Fonthill Castle with a variety of education materials, activities and resources.

Here you will find downloadable resources for your classroom to help enrich your students’ visit, including suggestions for in-class warm-ups and follow-up activities, vocabulary terms, bibliographies, and activity sheets, which may be photocopied for use during your museum visit.

If you are unable to download any of these materials from our website, please contact us at 215-348-9461 ext. 210 or e-mail and a packet of materials will be sent to you.  

Get more information on the Bucks County Commissioners Educational Field Trip Subsidy.

Mercer Museum Education Resources

Pre- and Post-Visit Activities:

Scavenger Hunts:

Exhibit Education Resources

Fonthill Castle Education Resources

Educator Services

Educators receive a free “pre-field trip” visit to the Mercer Museum or Fonthill Castle!
Education-Resources-4Educators with scheduled visits to the Mercer Museum or Fonthill Castle for their school group are invited to visit our museums ahead of their field trip date. Please let us know when you would like to visit by contacting us by calling 215-348-9461 ext. 210 or e-mailing

You may also bring along your school ID to show to our receptionist, and your admission is free (an advance reservation is strongly suggested if you are visiting Fonthill Castle due to limited tour sizes).


“Lucy” the horse was part of the work crew that built both Fonthill and the Mercer Museum. She hoisted the loads of mixed concrete up to workers.
Rollo's Fact 5

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