Fonthill Castle

Explore Henry Chapman Mercer’s extraordinary dream home! Fonthill Castle tours are designed to highlight Henry Mercer’s creativity and diverse interests by showcasing the unique architecture of the castle and one-of-a-kind collections housed within the concrete structure.

Castle of Ideas (grades 3-6, max 60 students per group, 1-hr tour)
Discover the creative genius of Henry Mercer in this age-appropriate tour of his unique, artistic, and tile-embellished home.

A Concrete House (grades 6-8, max 60 students per group, 1-hr tour)
Investigate Fonthill from top to bottom! From the basement to the tower, examine the methods and materials used for building Fonthill and study the architecture of Henry Mercer’s one-of-a-kind home.

Castle Full of Treasures (grades 6-12, max 60 students per group, 1-hr tour)
Henry Mercer’s interests in history, travel, and archaeology are revealed in the design and decoration of his amazing and inspiring concrete home.


  • Guided Tours: $5 per student

One chaperone is required for every ten students and they will receive complimentary admission. Additional adults are welcome at the regular group rate fee of $10 per person.


In addition to installing his own Arts and Crafts tiles in Fonthill, Henry Mercer incorporated Persian, Chinese, Spanish and Dutch tiles.
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