Mercer Museum

At the Mercer, groups experience everyday life in early America and the Delaware Valley through an inspiring encounter with the vast array of artifacts displayed in the museum’s core exhibits. On view is “everything it took to make America.” Interpreter-led programs and visits to the museum’s changing exhibition gallery enrich your visit.

Self-Guided Visits

Groups of ten or more students are eligible to receive our group rate for a self-guided visit to the  Mercer Museum. All groups receive a 10 to 15-minute orientation led by museum staff. Please find downloadable scavenger hunts and pre- and post-visit activities to bring with you on the day of your group’s visit, located on our Resources page.


Log House Life (Grades Pre-K, K & 1 – 30 mins; Grades 2 – 6 – 45 mins, 10 student minimum)
Program transports students to life in a typical Bucks County/Delaware Valley log house two centuries ago, engaging learners through a variety of hands-on tasks. Costumed interpreters help students imagine they are in a different time and place by taking on the persona of a late colonial log house dweller. Intended for preschool and early elementary learners, the program is designed especially to develop historical thinking skills, including concepts of sequence, duration and distance in time.

Frontier Trading (Grades 2 – 6, 10 student minimum, 45 min program)
Students immerse themselves in the economics of early American communities, exploring how people obtained the goods they needed to survive and prosper. Along the way, students develop an enhanced understanding of the challenges faced by earlier generations of Americans.

Simple Machines (Grades 3-5, 25-30 students per group, 10 student minimum, 1-hr program)
Inspired by the museum’s collection of pre-Industrial hand tools, students investigate six simple machines, explore how these machines make work easier, and work together to build a Simple Machines mobile. Students are encouraged to make connections between the program and their visit to the museum, where they encounter the tools and machines that met the wants and needs of 18th– and early 19th-century Americans.

Coming to America: An Immigrant’s Story (Grades 3-8, 10 student minimum, 60 min program)
Students learn about the immigrant experience between the period of 1880 through 1940. Various activities explore the hardships and emotions of beginning life in a new country. What did they bring with them? What if they didn’t speak English? Where did they go once they arrived? Activities focus on storytelling, history research, and interactive learning.

Mercer Sampler (Grades 2-6, up to 100 students, 10 student minimum, 2 – 2.5 hr program)
Experience two or three of our on-site offerings, tailored to grade level, in this rotational program for larger groups. Program consists of a museum visit and condensed versions of Log House Life, Frontier Trading and/or Simple Machines.


  • School & Youth 30 or 45 Min Programs: $50 program fee, plus $5 per student.
  • Mercer Sampler Programs: $50 program fee per program, plus $5 per student.
  • Self-guided Visit: $5 per student.

One chaperone is required for every ten students and they will receive complimentary admission. Additional adults are welcome at the regular group rate fee of $10 per person.


There are 44 rooms in Fonthill including 10 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms and 18 fireplaces.
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