Fonthill Castle Escape Room

Mystery and intrigue await all those who dare to enter
Fonthill Castle’s Escape Room.

The Scenario: As a young man traveling through Europe, Henry Mercer explored the ancient French castle Chateau de Tiffanges (that inspired the Bluebeard legend) and he brought back with him a mysterious key which has now gone missing.  Working with Doylestown Escape Room, Fonthill has transformed a little known room at the top of castle’s tower, into a whirlwind physical adventure game and the only way to solve the mystery is for groups to work together to uncover clues, figure out puzzles and discover the location of Bluebeard’s key before time runs out.

Reservations are required, and space is limited.  Due to program content, this event is not recommended for children younger than 12.  Guests must be able to go up and down multiple flights of stairs.  Includes a 30 minute tour of the castle and a 45 minute escape room adventure. #EscapeTheCastle


Fonthill Castle Escape Room Tickets

$40 General Admission/$35 Members


We currently do not have any available Escape Room dates. Thank you! 


Watch PBS 39 explore Fonthill Castle and our Escape Room :




All the concrete used to construct Fonthill (1908-1910) was mixed by hand!
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