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Manufacturing Victory: The Arsenal of Democracy

February 2, 2019 – May 5, 2019
Mercer Museum
Follow the industrial journey that took the United States from a nation perilously unprepared for war to a global superpower that led the Allies to victory in World War II in Manufacturing Victory: The Arsenal of Democracy at the Mercer Museum.

This traveling exhibit from The National WWII Museum showcases inspiring stories of the home front’s production efforts through artifacts, photographs, oral histories, and interactive multimedia components.

Accompanying this exhibit, the Mercer Museum will be displaying a sampling of its World War II-era collections showcasing notable Bucks County industries during the war, military service personnel, and life on the home front.


Manufacturing Victory: The Arsenal of Democracy was produced by The National WWII Museum.


Generously sponsored by our local supporters:

Syd and Sharon Martin

The Biersmith Family, Honoring Lt. Martin C. Biersmith, USN




Henry Mercer was 51 when he began building the first of his three concrete structures, his home Fonthill, 1908-1910.
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