Virtual Tour –
Highlights of Central Court
at the Mercer Museum

Virtual Program – Zoom

$10/General Admission virtual connection per household or Free/BCHS members

Looking up from the heart of the Mercer Museum’s Central Court in Doylestown, PA, is an experience like no other. Artifacts hanging from rafters and objects at every turn create a most unique sensory experience. This virtual experience features a 30-minute recorded tour of the Mercer Museum’s renowned Central Court, followed by a live Q&A with one of our experienced tour guides.

The Mercer Museum, one of Bucks County’s premier cultural attractions and a Smithsonian affiliate, features both local and national seasonal exhibits as well as a core museum collection of over 17,000 pre-Industrial tools. This permanent collection offers visitors a unique window into pre-Industrial America through sixty different crafts and trades, and is one of the world’s most comprehensive portraits of American material culture.

Advance registration is required for all.  Once you purchase your admission, you will receive a personalized link to this Zoom virtual program from our museum team.


In addition to installing his own Arts and Crafts tiles in Fonthill, Henry Mercer incorporated Persian, Chinese, Spanish and Dutch tiles.
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• Fonthill Castle will be closed from Tuesday, January 3, 2023 through Friday, January 6, 2023 to dismantle our holiday decorations.
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