The $50,000 Match Campaign


Community is Everything! 

These three words started my initial request for support when we launched our monthlong $50,000 Match Campaign on July 1. It’s quite fitting to begin my campaign success message using these same words.

Our community of supporters made it possible for us to not only reach our goal but to surpass our target, raising a total of $58,332 to benefit the Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle. The tremendous generosity from Tom Thomas, Jim and Kathy Morrison, and the Morel Family Foundation made it possible for us to begin this campaign, and we are so very grateful for their dedication. This campaign was very important because it secured vital funds to support new virtual learning opportunities, ongoing care and stewardship of these two treasured historic buildings, and the organization’s overall operations. 

Serving our community, engaging our community, and working alongside our community inspires all of us at the Bucks County Historical Society. We look to the future and remain focused on the memorable experiences and culturally rich encounters these remarkable castles have provided and will continue to provide for the community’s benefit.

Thank you for being a part of our organization, and a special thank you to all of our campaign donors for helping us succeed.


With great appreciation,

Kyle McKoy


-Complete List of Donors-

David and Jane Aker
Sherry Baker
Edward Bentz
Laura and Michael Biersmith
Melissa V. Bond
Guillermo and Portia Bosch
John and Ruth Brooks
Kathleen Brown
Bruce and Elzbieta Brundage
Beth Buffington
Maureen B. Carlton
Maria Castellanos
Flo and Rick Celender
Heather Cevasco and John Platek
Edward Chaleff
Bernard Ciliberto
Chester Closson
Jan and Bill Cope
Kathryn Council
John Coupell
Kevin Crawford
Lisa Crawford
Kelley Cwiklinski
John and Julie Davis
Katie and Greg Dawson
Joy and Doug Dolan
Robert and Florence Dolceamore
Linda Dyke
Susanne Eddowes
Mary Lou Erk
ESCA Blast – Jeff Paduano
Susan Fisher and Nick Custer
David L. Franke and Susan E. Dardes
Marion Freiberg
Nancy Freudenthal
Betsy Gemmill
Sandra and Boyd Ghering
June Goodwin
Jacqui and Dave Griffith
Ellen and Andy Happ
Denise Harris-Fiems and Dennis Fiems
Christine Harrison
Gary and Carol Hearn
Tom and Barbara Hebel
Lin Hodgdon
Ann Hollander
Steven and Sherrill Huston
Verna Hutchinson
Ivan Jurin
Susan Kane
Sue Ellen and Ken Keenan
Michael and Tina Keim
W. Roy and Nancy Kolb
Bunny Krueger
Gregory and Maureen Lawton
Dorothy Lin
Molly Lowell and Rich Duvall
Lester Lyon
Bill Maeglin and Christina Kane
George Malcolm
Eric and Susan Marttila
John and Phyllis Mauro
John and Carol McCaughan
Anna and Dave McCreary
Charles McIlhinney
Kyle McKoy
Brian and Louise McLeod
Terry McNealy
George and Joan Miller
Matt Nelcoski
Tom and Arlene Newman
Carol Norwood
Michelle Pedersen
Gus and Cathy Perea
Lou and Kate Putnam
Erica Rafferty
Mike and Joanne Raphael
Jonathan and Melissa Reiss
Alfreda Resinski
Robert and Beth Ann Rinkus
Rockwood Wealth Management – John R. Augenblick
Jennifer Rose
Taffy and Fred Schea
Jack and Karen Schmidt
Bill and Laurie Schutt
Scott and Linda Sepsy
Happy and Sam Shipley
Mark and Karen Simon
Rebecca Simpson
Susan J. Smith
Lisa Kristin Soren
Jennie and John Sperling
Marcy and Richard Stanley
Robert Steinberg
Sharon Stern
Tom Styrkowicz
Robert and Susan Tafel
Patricia Tagliolini – Realty ONE Legacy Group
Rochelle and John Thompson
Pat Treat
Matthew Trimboli
Andrea Tucker
Lawrence Vogel
Nicole Walz
Charles Wasserott – in memory of his wife, Louise Wasserott
Joseph Wingert
Gail Wolfgang
Steven and Suzanne Wray


If you have questions about this campaign, and/or giving, please contact Gloria Pugliese at



Among the oldest artifacts in the Mercer Museum are a 2,000 year old whale oil lamp and Native American implements dating to 6,000-8,000 BC.
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