2020 Mercer Legacy Sweepstakes



Thank you to everyone who has entered the 2020 Mercer Legacy Sweepstakes.

We have officially sold all 300 entries.

All participants will receive a Mercer Legacy Sweepstakes certificate by mail prior to the July 17 prize drawing.

All prize winners will be notified following the drawing and the list will be posted on our website.



The Mercer Legacy Sweepstakes has faced unexpected circumstances this year. As a result, we have canceled the Mercer Legacy Drawing Party, originally scheduled for May 3.  In addition, in light of the challenges for our local businesses, our partner for more than 20 years, Thompson BMW, has made the understandable decision to focus all its resources on its employees and is, therefore, unable to support this year’s event.

We have re-imagined the Mercer Legacy Sweepstakes with the following adjustments:

  • To provide you with even better odds to win a prize, we will only sell a maximum of 300 entries, rather than our usual 600.
  • The prize drawing will be held privately at the museum, on Friday, July 17, which happens to coincide with National Lottery Day.
  • As always, all entries will be verified by a representative from DunlapSLK prior to the drawing.


$135 Entry (in honor of our 35th year)

All prize winners will be notified following the July 17 drawing.
A list of prize winners will be posted on our website following the drawing.
The Mercer Legacy Sweepstakes Entries will be processed as they are received. Entry certificates will be mailed as soon as state guidelines allow the museums to reopen.  

Because of this year’s situation, you will now have a chance to win one of the following “Lucky 13” prizes in the drawing:   

  • Grand Prize = $10,000 cash
  • 2nd Prize = $1,000 from sponsor C&N Bank
  • 3rd Prize = $500 Visa Gift Card
  • 5 winners will each receive 2 Tickets to a Holiday Lights Meander at Fonthill Castle
  • 5 winners will each receive a $20 Gift Certificate to the Mercer Museum Gift Shop
In its 35th year, the Mercer Legacy Sweepstakes remains a vital revenue generator for school field trip programming at the Mercer Museum & Fonthill Castle.  And while we are staying home now, we are planning for the return of school groups in the fall to engage in a variety of programs developed to complement and enhance their education.  During this time when the museums are closed, our website provides links to resources that parents and students can use during this unexpected time of remote learning.
We truly appreciate the support of our sponsors, vendors, members, and patrons who have made the Mercer Legacy Sweepstakes an enjoyable and successful event for the past 34 years.  We look forward to the time when we can all safely gather together again.

Thank you to all our sponsors for supporting the 2020 Mercer Legacy Sweepstakes:





In addition to installing his own Arts and Crafts tiles in Fonthill, Henry Mercer incorporated Persian, Chinese, Spanish and Dutch tiles.
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